Rare Percussion Series - Quijada Samples

Jon Griffin
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The quijada is an idiophone made from the jawbone of a donkey… with the original teeth intact.

Traditionally used in Peru and Cuba, the quijada has been adopted by other countries for either effects or, mostly, folkloric, or traditional music.

For more information about the Quijada, please visit: https://salsablanca.com/cuban-instruments/la-quijada-jawbone/

I recorded these samples with my good friend Robert Fernandez. I was in Phoenix in 2021 for his mother’s funeral (DEP) and when all the stress was over, we decided to record some of his rare/not sampled much, instruments.

Available in both Kontakt 6 (full version) and Decent Sampler versions.

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Rare Percussion Series - Quijada Samples

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