Cuban Cooking

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Here are the recipes you will learn to make...

Congrí – (Moros y Cristianos) — Made with last nights rice and beans. It is a staple in a Cuban household.

Cabbage Salad — Lettuce is hard to come by in Cuba so Cabbage is used instead

Cuban Pasta — This is a Cuban twist on this famous comfort food.

Cuban Tamales — Unlike the more common Mexican tamales, these are not made with fresh corn and no flour.

Fish Marinade – Version 1 — 2 different twists to marinate your fish

Fish Marindae – Version 2

Fried Pork Steaks — The lime juice really adds a freshness to the pork and makes them excellent for a hot, humid summer night in Havana.

Luisa's Baked Chicken — Marinated in Orange juice, this chicken is very tender and tastes even better the next day.

Malanga with Onion Sauce — This recipe can be used for all starchy root vegetables like Yuca and Ñame.

Okra Salad — Here is another very refreshing salad for a hot Cuban night.

Roast Pork Chunks — An excellent way to make cheaper cuts of Pork tasty.

Black Beans — This is but one way of making the classic Cuban black beans.

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Cuban Cooking

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