Cuban Masters Series: The Cuban Bass

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The Cuban Masters Series – Cuban Bass provides an invaluable learning resource for bassists and musicians looking to expand their knowledge of the Cuban bass. This series gives intermediate to advanced players the tools they need to understand the role of this dynamic instrument, as well as the skills needed to play traditional songs, timba, danzón, mambo, and so much more.

Led by experienced bassist and session master Jiovanni Cofiño – who has performed in Elito Reve, and countless Havana studios – this series is part instruction book and part personal workshop.


  • Son
  • History of the Bass
  • Understanding the Montuno
  • Bolero
  • Danzón
  • Cha-cha-chá
  • Mambo
  • A Note About Clave
  • Modern Son
  • Songo
  • Timba
  • Ensemble Examples
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Cuban Masters Series: The Cuban Bass

0 ratings
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