Rare Percussion Sample Pack - Limited Edition

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I want this!

Rare Percussion Sample Pack - Limited Edition

Jon Griffin
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This is a limited time (pre-release) offer for my loyal customers.

I am releasing the Rare Percussion instruments at $5 - 10 each, but if you pre-order, you can get the entire package, and bonuses (that won't be released to the public for free) for a very, very discounted price.

I don't believe the world needs another piano or 808 sample pack, and I know my audience may be limited, but that's great for you!

I'm a small shop and am into some eclectic things. I want to create value, and unique sounds that are of value, but also accessible to everyone.


This pack will be "sold out" when I release the final percussion samples.


You will get the following sample packs:

Quijada (Available Now)

Conch Shell (Available Now)


African Bell (Ghana)

Dominican claves

Saltanes (Brazilian pans) (Available Now)

Blonde Claves (Available Now)

Campana (Available Now)


I will throw in the Bata sample pack (I'll sell that for $50 on it's own).

I have loops and midi samples as well ( I can't tell you what they are because I need to do a lot of work making them, but they will be authentic, and probably limited)


You will get an email when I add to the pack. Or, your Gumroad account will let you know when there is an update.


I thank you for your support, and hope you make a ton of money with them. They all come with a royalty free license, but of course you can't sell the samples as your own.

I want this!